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Tiny Tubbs
Tiny Tubbs  

6'-2"  355 lbs.
From: Mud Lick, TN
Finisher: Spinebuster
Music: Cottoneyed Joe by Red Necks

Two Time World Heavyweight Champion
Us Heavyweight Champion
Former Hardcore Champion
Former Tag Team Champion

2002 Ranking: 14th
2001 Ranking: 2nd
2000 Ranking: 3rd

2002 Most Improved
2002 2nd Runner Up: Most Popular

2001 Runner Up: Most Popular
2001 Runner Up: Most Improved
2001 Runner Up: Match of the Year

2000 Rookie of the Year
2000 Tag Team of the Year
2000 Runner Up: Most Popular
2000 Runner Up: Most Improved
2000 2nd Runner Up: Moment of the Year