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Dojo of Champions
The National Federation of Wrestling runs one of the finest wrestling camps in the midwest.  The camp opened 06 May 2002 at it's new facility north of Ladysmith, WI. Training is scheduled on a week to week basis
TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS  6pm-whenever

There are several experienced wrestlers in charge of the training.  Some graduates of the NFW Dojo of Champions are Tiny Tubbs, Amerikid, Boogieman, Mayhem, El Supremo, Rayzor Blade, and Mike the Machine. Safety is our primary concern at the Dojo and the training pace is adjusted according to how well the trainee can handle it.    
Length of training varies from student to student.

Below is a Map to the Dojo. (Approximately 60 miles north of Eau Claire)

Price for the training is $600.  Payment arrangements are usually available. For more information E-mail the Dojo of Champions by clicking HERE  or write to the National Federation of Wrestling   

ADDRESS: N9010 Godfrey Road, Exeland, WI 54835