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News & Updates


More Pics for Cadott, Updated Upcoming Events, Changes to Roster, New news about Titles, August/September Maps Added.
27 July 2003

July 12th results.  New Rankings, Changes to Champions, ROSTER CHANGES
13 July 2003

July 4th results.  New overall and 2003 Rankings, Changes to Champions and cards.
05 July 2003  

Changes to upcoming events.  Tag Team Title Tournament listed under NEWS.  Tiny Tubbs Injury update
03 July 2003

Maps Up for some upcoming events, Updates to ranking systems
26 June 2003

Cornell Pics Up. Update to news
24 June 2003

Cornell Results, New Pics from Sheldon, Champions Updated, Rankings Updated, New Cards up
22 June 2003

Pics from Merrill Up
16 June 2003

Pics from Sheldon Up
New cards Up
Injury updates in News
12 June 2003

Showdown in Sheldon III Up
Smith Center Slamfest Results Up
New Cards up
Updated Rankings & Champions
Big news on NEWS page
Some pics from Wrestlefest up
09 June 2003

Wrestlefest 2003 results up
Changes to Champions & Rankings
Upcoming Events updated (next three events)
A few new pics up from Barron & Phillips
02 June 2003

Extensive maps for upcoming shows (look under Maps to Upcoming Shows)
Updates to Superstars Pages
23 May 2003

Prentice Pics up
More pics added to previous events (Phillips & Barron)
New announcement on News & Champions
19 May 2003

Prentice Results Up
UPDATES on Champions
New Rankings
Injury Updates
11 May 03

Phillips & Barron Pics up
Card Updates
Injury Updates on NEWS
7 May 03

Keep checking back for more updates.